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Štefánikova 1163/12
742 21 Kopřivnice
Telefon: (+420) 556 879 411
E-mail: posta@koprivnice.cz
ID datové schránky: 42bb7zg
IČ: 00298077
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Pseudogotický kostel sv. Bartoloměje z roku 1894 - foto Petr Šimčík

Kopřivnice sports

Kopřivnice sports Kopřivnice sports

The town is famous for its world-known Olympic winner Emil Zátopek, so we cannot imagine the town without sport-entertainment. You can relax or do sports either outdoor or indoor in different kinds of sport facilities. You can walk, cycle or ride the horse out of the town in the nature. You can spend the time at a river or a dam too, where you can swim or do fishing. There is also minigolf, tennis, bowling, baths or a salty cave. In wintertime you can use our ski slope and cross-country tracks. A lot of sport facilities are hosting high quality competitions. Very popular are events that take place on Tatra’s trail track. Each year a race through our countryside takes place in honor of our famous native Emil Zátopek.

Kopřivnice sports Kopřivnice sports

Information Center Kopřivnice

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Opening hours

Monday – Friday: 8.00 – 18.00
Saturday – Sunday: 8.00 – 12.00, 12.30 – 16.00


Information Center Kopřivnice
Address: Obránců míru 368, 742 21 Kopřivnice
tel: 556 821 600, 556 821 488, 774 668 001
e-mail: ic(at-sign)koprivnice.cz
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