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Štefánikova 1163/12
742 21 Kopřivnice
Telefon: (+420) 556 879 411
E-mail: posta@koprivnice.cz
ID datové schránky: 42bb7zg
IČ: 00298077
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Kopřivnice technology

Slovenská strela Technické muzeum TATRA

Thanks to car production development, inherently linked with it also nowadays, Kopřivnice received status of a town. At the beginning in 1850 are britzkas produced by Ignác Šustala in the place of today’s Fojtství museum. The breaking moment for Kopřivnice development came, when 47 years later the britzkas ceased to be driven by horses and the first automobile in the former Austrian-Hungary Empire was built. A brilliant designer Hans Ledvinka, who enriched the world with for example a unique Tatra’s conception of chassis or aerodynamic automobiles with engines cooled by air, left his very important track here. He was also at the birth of the express carriage „Slovenská strela“ which is a proof that not only automobiles have been produced here. The car make Tatra is known in all parts of the world thanks to the travelers Jiří Hanzelka and Miroslav Zikmund, the famous tour of Tatra car around the world or the Rallye Paris-Dakar. You can make a good image about its fame in the Technical museum of Tatra. Today’s Kopřivnice maintains its industrial character, the evidence which is successful development of the local industrial zone. Kopřivnice in present times, richer of new enterprises, welcomes business undertakings.

Technické muzeum TATRA Technické muzeum TATRA

Information Center Kopřivnice

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Information Center Kopřivnice
Address: Obránců míru 368, 742 21 Kopřivnice
tel: 556 821 600, 556 821 488, 774 668 001
e-mail: ic(at-sign)koprivnice.cz
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